By now, you are all hopefully getting adjusted to being and working from home. Now you know kind of how we feel. Bidding in an auction right now may be the furthest thing from your mind, however, we want you to know working on updating this auction has been our therapy (along with Kirsten’s dog Terminator). Through the devastating tornado and now COVID-19, we miss all of our bidders and we miss having auctions.

Although we lost a little over fifty art pieces in the EF-3 tornado that hit our building, there were several people (and we will talk about them in a later post) who get credit for digging through rubble, drywall and cinder blocks in order to save some of the most important artworks. For us, the surviving art pieces have become somewhat of a requiem for pieces that were lost in the tornado.

Here’s a great story about one of the pieces we saved; The hand painted glass Cowgirl bottle in our current auction, was sitting on an upper warehouse shelf when we left on Monday evening just hours before the tornado. After the tornado, on the third day of salvage efforts, we found that glass bottle unscathed about 20 feet away under a wall that had literally been raised from the floor. The bottle was laying on bare concrete and we used a rake to pull it to us. It’s crazy but this glass bottle didn’t have a scratch on it! This is just one of the many stories we will share with you so you will have a better idea of how some of these pieces were saved.

The catalog is 98% updated and open for bidding! We left an image of the art pieces that were destroyed or gone with the wind (couldn’t help myself) so that you would know what we lost. If we have the piece but it is “damaged”, we noted that and updated the images. If there was no damage to the salvaged art piece, there is no change in the description. If you have bid on one of these lots now “damaged” and want to retract your bids, send an email to

Currently, the auction is scheduled to end on May 6th. We will keep our eye on the Governor’s Mandate and make adjustments if we need to. We will also have an inspection on these art pieces as soon as we figure out where and when that is going to be. We simply wanted to reach out to all of you and let you know we are doing good and very anxious to get back to work!!!!!