DSC_1297When you hear the phrase objet d’ art, you probably think of antiques, textiles, porcelain, and three dimensional items; and you would be right. An objet d’art refers to art objects that are not paintings, sculptures, prints or drawings. It’s the term for “everything else”.  An objet de vertu is intended to suggest a higher standard of objet d’ art using precious metals and gemstones; which brings me to the Eggs of Theo Fabergé and his St. Petersburg Collection. Baldini Auction Company, LLC has been contracted to sell eight of these Eggs at absolute online auction, which is open for bidding now and ends on June 17th at 2:00pm CT.


Theo Fabergé started the St. Petersburg Collection in 1985 and there DSC_1247are approximately 60 Eggs in the collection, some of which have been retired.  As stated, we are selling eight Eggs from this collection. Theo Fabergé personally designed every creation, and he used only the finest materials. The Russian Imperial Crown on each Egg is made of sterling silver and 24-ct gold with a cabochon ruby.  The woods used in his creations, and represented in the auction, are most often exotic woods. Crystal, sterling silver and vermeil are also commonly used in the Eggs.


Sarah Fabergé’s DSC_0959Spring Egg from her “Seasons Collection” is also included in our auction.  Sarah was Theo’s only daughter and she launched her first design for the St. Petersburg Collection in 1994. Her Spring Egg features a brilliant yellow enameled exterior and the interior reveals tiny yellow primrose flowers and a sleeping snail hiding under the petals.


Whether you think these pieces reflect objets d’ art or objets de vertu, you should treat yourself to this auction. In my 20+ year career, this is the first time I have had the opportunity to sell a Theo Fabergé Egg. Look at each Egg in the auction, each picture, and read each description because I think you’ll be as in awe as I was. What’s more amazing than that is realizing you could OWN one of these Eggs. Remember, each Egg is selling to the highest bidder, regardless of price. This time, we’re selling opportunity.