Whether it’s a fine art collection, an estate, a fine glassware collection, civil war memorabilia, model trains or even poker carousels (next month’s auction), the stories behind the stuff are as good as the stuff! While my sellers know I can’t always communicate the passion they had collecting, or how much they enjoyed the hunt, or even the sentiment attached when we sell an estate, my hope is to give them a platform worthy of selling their things.

When I meet with a client in their home to look at items or a collection they are considering for auction, I am always amazed that after 25 years in this industry, I still see something different in every home. Most often, the conversation starts out a little guarded. I think people want to know that what they’re selling matters to someone else.

This month’s auction features items from a local collector who has been dabbling in this since he was young, He grew up around an entire family of collectors. It’s just second nature to him. He collects Tennessee pieces, early artwork and unique odds and ends. He wasn’t really thinking of selling anything until he decided to update the paint on the interior of his home.

Of course, he had to take down all of his hanging artwork from the walls, so he decided it was time to re-work his current artwork collection and make room for some of his newer acquisitions. Then, as he was moving furniture around so the painters could paint, he also decided it was time to introduce some of his new antique furniture purchases and sell some other pieces. A current client (always the best referral source) suggested he call me, so I was lucky enough to get the call.

We were thrilled to visit with him and his dog Brody at his very historic home. We absolutely marveled at all of the interesting items in his home and I kept thinking to myself “I love my job” because I get to peek behind the curtain. We walked around and he graciously showed us the items in his home collection he was particularly proud of, then showed us the items he wanted to sell. Viola, our next auction was born.

So, this month’s auction includes items from this collector as well as other consignors. We are selling nice early framed artwork, antique furniture including Empire, Victorian and Lillian Russell, crocks, copper and metal pieces, a tilt-top table and even some nice porcelain. We also have a Man Ray Mirror and from another seller we are selling a 2014 Massimo 600 Utility Vehicle!

We’re excited about this online auction and we hope you can join us! Public inspection is on Tuesday, May 15th from 10 to 3 and the auction will close on Wednesday, May 16th starting at 2pm.