A Day in the Life; You Just Never Know What You’ll Find

As an auctioneer, you never know who’s going to call with something to sell. Sometimes, your network can be your best source of referrals. The phone may ring one day and before you know it, you’re in a small town with a town full of stuff. That’s kind of what happened with this auction. Although the phone didn’t ring, I simply got a text message from a colleague who said “I have an antique auction if you’re interested”. Those who know me, know I LOVE good stuff! For most auctioneers, it’s challenging to conduct an auction of only personal property that includes just glassware. That’s why I have a warehouse.

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State’s first female Hall of Fame auctioneer gets rare chance to shine: The Tennessean, November 28th, 2016

Baldini Auction Company would like to thank Jessica Bliss and Lacy Adkins for taking time out of their busy schedule to showcase our notable Civil War auction. The full story can be found at www.tennessean.com.

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