Baldini Auction Company, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of an auction which includes the lifetime collection of over 600 die cast cars and kit cars from the late Paul Calloway. The collection showcases cars from just about every era, make, model, sDSC_0434tyle and class and 98% of the cars are in excellent condition and still in the box. This collection will be sold at absolute online auction opening Wednesday, April 8th.


This auction demonstrates the perfect opportunity and the reason why an auction may be the best way to sell an asset of this type. The auction platform can accommodate the sale of a vast collection in a way that makes sense and it is my personal pleasure to have been given this opportunity to sell Mr. Calloway’s collection that he amassed over many years.


Mr. Calloway was so proud of his collection and I hope that if he were here today he would be pleased that his wife, Rosemary, chose to sell his collection via an auction. A sale of this type will give so many people the opportunity to view his collection, participate in the auction, and hopefully buy a piece of what he was so passionate about and worked so hard to garner. We have worked very hard to present this auction in a way that makes sense for our bidders. Please enjoy and happy bidding!


DSC_0427In this blog, we have included a couple of photos, a page from his scrapbook and a letter congratulating him on being selected to represent Sumner County with his Automotive project from the University of Tennessee, College of Agriculture. These items are not included in the auction; however his wife Rosemary wanted to share these things with you.


Here is a short bio about Paul Calloway. We thought you should know a little more about the man behind the collection.


Paul and his wife Rosemary collected cars for years, before Paul passed away in 2006. Until now, this collection has been in storage. After all these years, Rosemary finally decided to sell the collection so other people could enjoy it.


DSC_0430Paul was born in Portland, Tennessee. As a young boy the family moved to Springfield, Tennessee to run a neighborhood grocery store. After school each day, Paul spent his afternoons delivering groceries on his bicycle. When he was 16, his family moved back to the family farm in Portland. There his father raised hereford cattle and farmed crops like strawberries and tobacco.


Growing up, Paul was always interested in cars. Instead of comic books or sports, he bought model car kits and put them together. He also learned as much as he could about cars, including their history, statistics and engines. His favorites were the cars of the 20’s, 30’s & 40’s. As a young man he was very involved with 4H, as you see in the picture. His favorite 4H project presentation was on automobiles.


After graduating from Portland High School, Paul went to work with a cousin in the sheet metal business DSC_0432in Franklin, Kentucky. Paul worked in the sheet metal and HVAC trade for the rest of his life. He owned his own heating and air conditioning business for 35 years.


As an adult, Paul shared his knowledge with many different organizations, including the 4H club, giving lectures and talking “car talk”. His hobby was more than simply collecting; it was a passion, and whenever Paul could share his knowledge and his collection, he was happy. His wife, Rosemary, hopes you will enjoy bidding on this collection and she hopes you will find some treasures of your own.