This year’s Antique & Garden Show was held at the Music City Center, from January 30th through February 1st. IMG_2839It was an impressive show of color, texture and style, as pictured in our feature image of the “Living” Room. I had the opportunity to meet several antique dealers. Pam Klepper Sexton, Senior Designer at Pickwick Antiques, shared with me some of their top performing pieces, along with some of the history behind the pieces. They showcased an impressive array of antique tea caddy boxes and early nineteenth century paintings. Jim Fowler and Sons Period Gallery showcased some of our local Americana antique collector’s items.IMG_2829


As I was walking around the show, I noticed a crowd had gathered in one particular dealer space. The name of the space was Sacred Heart Antiques. I squeezed in to see what all the commotion was about and saw mostly women in this particular space. They would walk up to an item, pick it up, and then hold on tight until they could find someone who could take their money. It felt as if a frenzy had ensued. I was in awe simply watching the ritual. There were no prices listed; but that didn’t seem to matter. “What were they selling?” you ask… it was religious artifacts! They had the most beautiful antique rosary beads, angelic statuary that looked worn and worshiped, stage three relics encased in sacred vessels, and saintly adorned furniture.


IMG_2821I spoke with the owner, Jessica Fairbrother, who was from Mississippi. I asked about what inspired her and about the origination of most of her items. She said she spends a lot of time in France and visits the various markets there. The items she buys inspire her and she went on to say she buys what she loves. Anyone who spoke with her could tell she is an inspired woman who absolutely loves what she does. Don’t try to find her online because she does not have a website. She does, however, have a Facebook page. I guess even the most elusive and exclusive can be found on Facebook!


The Antiques & Garden Show Board of Directors should certainly be pleased. This important 25th anniversary was well organized and showcased some of the best antique, as well as horticulture, dealers.