0120151424 copyWhether you realize it or not, we all collect something. Whether it’s rare books, swizzle sticks, Fabergé jewelry, fishing lures or artwork, we’re all guilty…but guilty of what?


Some people may collect items as investment pieces for resale, while others may collect just for fun (hence the swizzle sticks). However, for some people it’s about more than that…it’s about the quest…the lifelong never-ending pursuit. I like to think of that as a form of “therapy.”


I have worked with many people in estate situations where families have been bequeathed with an inheritance of some sort of personal property or collection.  Nine times out of ten what happens in these situations is that the family typically isn’t particularly interested in this collection, or at least not nearly as interested as the original collector was. The surviving0120150859 family members may each take an item from the collection to remember their family member, but then they decide to auction the collection and divide the proceeds. This makes a lot of sense.


When it comes to collections, the auction method of selling brings both collectors and “wannabes” to the table. The auction creates a sense of urgency, and provides a fantastic platform to showcase and highlight the 0120150822variety of goods comprising a particular collection. Some people spend their entire lives collecting a particular genre. Collections can be quite extensive and exquisite, and I believe the auction method is absolutely the best way to sell a collection. The auction method allows items to be sold on a unique platform that would have surely made the original collector proud!  A proper catalog, with detailed representation of the collection, online marketing, and competitive bidding along with strategic marketing aimed at locating other people with similar interests or collections are all factors that make such an auction work.


In conclusion: I encourage collectors of collections to continue to collect! When you’re ready to sell your collection, give me a call.